Tools used to Support #BrainTumorThursday – Empire Avenue

Given my concerns about the audience for #BrainTumorThursday (“BTT”), one new way that I have been using to try to expand the reach of (“BTT”) is an app called Empire Avenue (“EA”):  In a nutshell, EA is designed to work like a stock market where you “invest” in others with a social media presence.  Quite simply, the goal is to amass wealth.  The currency is “eaves” and they can be used to buy “shares” in others,  Through dividends, profitable investments, and other means, you amass eaves (wealth).

Here is the intriguing part that can be used by us to expand the reach of BTT.  With the eaves you earn, you can set up a mission and essentially buy RTs.  These missions  appeal to others on  EA because many “players” are looking for ways to earn eaves and will RT a tweet that they would not otherwise RT.  A RT mission would send an EA player to a particular tweet in you timeline to RT.


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