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Well, it’s absurd that I created a blog and then go months without writing any new blog posts.  My guess is that the history of this blog is not dissimilar to a significant number of blogs:

  1. Believe that starting a blog is a good thing.
  2. Procrastinate for a period of time, maybe even a LONG period of time.
  3. Finally get past the procrastination and start figuring out how you want to move forward,
  4. Pick a app to host your blog.
  5. Get excited when setting up your blog.
  6. Post a few things is fairly rapid succession.
  7. Never get around to posting again.

At that point, the blog simply dies or can reincarnate months later.  So here we are with my reincarnated blog.  This is probably very exciting to my FOURTEEN followers, most of whom (if not all) have completely forgotten that they became a follower of this blog.

So, although I feel like I’m writing to a large void and that this post will disappear to wherever unread blog entries go, I’m announcing that I intend to try to restart this thing.  Of course, don’t hold your breath!


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