New thoughts on hashtags for brain tumors.

Matthew Katz (@subatomicdoc on Twitter) has recently proposed a new way of developing and using hastags on Twitter in the area of brain tumors.  You can read more on Google+ under the topic HLTHTOP.

We start the review of brain tumor hashtags with the two current in use on Twitter, #BTSM and #BrainTumorThursday.  To learn more about these hashtags, click here for #BrainTumorThursday and here for #BTSM.  Beyond that, here is the new proposal:

Sub-hashtags Disease subgroup
#btast Astrocytoma/glioma
#btgbm Glioblastoma
#btlym CNS lymphoma
#btmen Meningioma
#btodg Oligodendroglioma
#btpit Pituitary
#btsch Schwannoma/acoustic neuroma

Please provide any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. in the form of a comment to this post.  Alternatively, join the conversation of Google+ at HLTHTOP. The idea is that these hashtags will be used both on Twitter and on facebook.




One thought on “New thoughts on hashtags for brain tumors.

  1. Thanks for sharing Lou. There’s been a surprising amount of acceptance of the idea. But it’s not definitive, by any means. I’m sure it can be improved with discussion and debate. For these more narrowly defined hashtags, the value is currently limited. But as they evolve some people may find they want to discuss something more specific to their circumstances.

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