Will #SuperJosh have the opportunity to meet Ben Affleck?


Less that a week ago, a campaign was started to try to get #SuperJosh (@journeyjoshuas) to meet Ben Affleck (Bat Man), one super hero to another and the effort has been impressive so far.

Total Tweets     Impacts        Contributors

1,258                  9,581,674      1,471

With #superJosh’s story showing up in timelines over 9.5M times, the message is spreading.  Somehow, it needs to go viral.

The bottom line is that #SuperJosh is an inspiration and hero to so many, making this happen for him is a great way of giving back.  Everyone needs to get creative and try to push this final.


#BrainTumorThursday: Your Prediction for October.

Theoretically, this could be run as a contest, but there are no prizes other than keeping #brainTumorThursday out there to raise brain tumor awareness.  So vote away!

Although it defeats the entire point of having a slick looking poll, if you want to let people know what you voted, list your twitter name and vote. in the comments.

#BrainTumorThursday September wrap up

Once again, we are blessed with so many great supporters of brain tumor awareness and support during the fourth and final #BrainTumorThursday campaign in September.  Just a few of the almost 1,000 participants.


Now, on to the numbers for this week.

Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines): about 16.5 M; Participants: almost 1000; and Tweets: about 2,000

Now, for the entire month

Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines): about 103M; Participants: almost 3500; and Tweets: over 9,000.

Wow; its almost beyond imagination that there were over 100 MILLION time line deliveries in the month of September. Significant?  Consider this the total of timeline deliveries in September equaled the combined total of the previous three months.  Of course, 100M is the new base for the #BrainTumorThursday monthly totals, and the same dedication to a singular purpose is required.

What’s Wrong with This Picture

Three recent stories highlight very disturbing cases of missed diagnosis in the case of brain tumors, all of which ended in death. All three examples are tragic.

Young mother dies of brain tumour just hours after giving birth.”  As if this were not tragic enough, the doctors actually diagnosed her condition as an “ear infection.”  Rosie Kremer, 24, had complained of headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, and sickness early on in her pregnancy and the doctors diagnosed labyrithitis.  Guess what  labyrithitis is: an EAR INFETCION.  Even though things got worse and worse throughout the pregnancy (dramatic weight loss, agonizing pain), the doctors thought she was just having a “bad pregnancy.”  Rosie spent her last five weeks in bed, unable to sit up or use her hands.  Six hours after giving birth via caesarean, Rosie was pronounced brain dead.  In a CT scan taken months too late (it was taken post-mortem), a large brain tumor was found on her brain stem.

Hospital staff treated man with a brain tumour like ‘just another drunk’ in the hours before his death.”  Just imagine being treated like a drunk in the hours before your death; certainly not a dignified way to die.  “‘They just left Terry in a cubicle to die.”   The more stunning fact is that Terry Day had been diagnosed with a brain tumor a year ealier.  He died at age 35, 3 weeks short of getting married.

Girl, 14, diagnosed with dehydration after suffering severe headaches and poor vision died months later from brain tumour.”  Olivia Wicks went to the hospital with severe headaches, sickness and poor vision, but a triage nurse downgraded her symptoms, which left her waiting six hours see a doctor.  The doctor wrongly decide that she was dehydrated and sent her home.  Six weeks later, Olivia was ill again and went to another hospital,where she finally had a CT scan, which revealed an inoperable brain tumor.  She only survived 10 months after the correct diagnosis.

So what are we left with after these three tragic cases?  Illustrations of the critical need for increased brain tumor awareness and questions, lots of questions.

  • Brain tumor symptoms often present in ways that are similar to other maladies.  However, with brain tumors at top of mind, even the lay person might suspect something far more serious than that which was diagnosed.
  • Raised awareness and education for medical staff seems to be the first step to a solution.  We go to doctors to figure out what is wrong with us relying on their expertise.  Suppose you took your car in to be serviced because it was pulling to the left, and all the garage did was realign the car without noticing that the left front tire was flat, causing the car to pull left.  Wouldn’t you lose all faith in that mechanic and the garage?
  • Have any protocols been established in hospitals designed to seriously consider and investigate the possibility of brain tumor?  Shouldn’t that be at least the minimum standard?  Hospitals typically don’t diagnose heart attacks as indigestion, why not the same with brain tumors?  Given how deadly brain tumors are, their relative scarcity is no excuse.

We could probably go on for quite a while making comments and making suggestions, but I do have a rhetorical question to be pondered that may be viewed as controversial or politically driven.  The true reason behind this question is curiosity.  While I am sure that we can find similar stories of misdiagnosis all across the globe, all three of these occurred in the UK.  So my question is this:  Could these tragedies have stemmed from the social medical system in the UK?


Third Thursday Campaign (September, 2013)

First, a huge shout out the many wonderful people who help with the #BrainTumorThursday campaign this week, some of whom are in the photo below (198 of 650).


Now, on to the amazing numbers for this week.

Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines): about 30.5 M+; Participants: about 650; and Tweets: about 1,640

To put this week in perspective, in just one week, we have exceeded the total impacts for the entire month in each of the following months: March, 2013, April, 2013, June, 2013, and July, 2013.  Although I have not researched it, the impacts this week have to be an all-time record.

Turning to last month, we had about 62,000,000 impacts.  This month, with one more campaign left, we already have about 67,000,000 impacts!  After last week’s campaign, I raised the possibility of getting 100,000,000 impacts in one month.  I was thinking that it would happen in the more distant future: I never imagined that we would flirt with 100M impacts this month.  If next week comes in slightly better than this week (33M), we will have reached that goal!

While these numbers are impressive, they are not the true goal of #BrainTumorThursday which is to support and comfort brain tumor patients and their families, educate people about brain tumors, encourage more funding for brain tumor research, and, hopefully, prolong lives.  While the impact numbers are amazing, they are just the vehicle for the true mission.  The number of impacts brings with it an awesome responsibility: with so many being expose to our messages we need to make certain that our tweets convey strong content that is information, thought provoking, eye opening, empathic, and supportive.

Keep doing whatever you are doing and let’s keep this project growing!

Sep 18 Nice EA starters to be bought prior before next Roll-Over Today!

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Interview on BlogTalkRadio


Last week, I was given the honor of being interviewed on BlogTalkRadio on the show JustOncology.  The interview gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk about and explain what we’ve been trying to do with #BrainTumorThursday on twitter.  Since I’m not sure how widely something like this spreads, I really hope that it is not my 15 seconds of fame.  Of course, after the interview was over, I thought of a million better things to say and wish I had spent far less time allowing the interview to be about me.

In any event, you can listen to the interview (which is probably way too long), warts and all, at the interview archive.  I suppose I should invite comments, but go easy on me, my ego is fragile 😉