Historical analysis of #BrainTumorThursday

After my earlier post today, I became interested in how things have chnaged over time in connection with the #BrainTumorThursday campaign for increasing brain tumor awareness.  After fooling around with things, using Healthcare Social Media Analytics from Symplur, the results for the last 6 months are very interesting.

++ August totals ++

Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines): about 62,000,000; Participants: about 2,200; and Tweets: about 10,200

++  July totals  ++

Impacts: about 22,500,000; Participants: about 1,100; and Tweets: about 5,500

++ June totals ++

Impacts: about 19,000,000; Participants: about 1,000; and Tweets: about 4,750

++ May totals {5 Thursdays} ++

Impacts: about 27,000,000; Participants: about 1,350; and Tweets: about 6,500

++ April totals  ++

Impacts: about 23,500,000; Participants: about 1,350; and Tweets: about 6,200

++ March totals ++

Impacts: about 22,500,000; Participants: about 1,375; and Tweets: about 6,300

Now, a few comments and notes regarding the foregoing.

  1. Each quantity entered is approximate,  After working through various applications over the last several months that derive their information from twitter, I’ve learned that any available statistics provided only establish a baseline.  The information pushed out to third parties by twitter often excludes some of the high follower high volume tweeps.  Additionally. the feeds are usually interrupted for significant periods of time.  So my very scientific methodology is the take the numbers provided and add something that “feels right.”  Inspires a lot of confidence right?
  2. If you were to adjust May to reflect the fact that it included 5 Thursdays, April through July seem to average around 22,000,000 impacts, 1,200 participants, and 6,000 tweets.
  3. August simply exploded, increasing every category by a factor of 2 to 3.  Whether these increases will truly translate into increased awareness, who can say.  My view has always been that, if this effort helps just one person, it is to be measured a success.

Now, for fun, lets look at year to date totals for 2013: Impacts: about 232,000,000; Participants: about 7,950; Tweets: about 55,500.  Imagine if we could continue at this pace.  Better still, imagine what would happen if somebody donated a penny for every impact > > SPOILER ALERT: it would have yielded over $2.3 million dollars for brain tumor research!


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