Strategic thinking based upon recent successes for #BrainTumorThursday

For the last two weeks, we have seen unprecedented success with our brain tumor awareness campaign.  First, the numbers,

Last week of August

Impacts (timeline deliveries: about 23,000,000

Participants: about 700

Tweets: about 1,800

First week of September

Impacts: about 15,000,000

Participants: about 975

Tweets: about 2,300

Compare this to the first Thursday of August:

Impacts: about 6,600,000

Participants: about 350

Tweets: about 1,100

So what happened in the last two weeks?  The new success is routed in two things, or I should say, one new BT awareness friend and the better use of an existing BT awareness friend.

Our new friend is @KavalonThatsMe who has over 451,000 friends and has provided many retweets over the last two weeks.  She is part of the reason for our significant jump in impacts.  The way she changes our impacts is the combination of her followers and the number of retweets.  1 retweet = 451,000 impacts, 2 = 902,000 impacts, 3 = 1,353,000 impacts and so on.

Our existing friend is @fenvirantiviral who has almost 260,000 highly engaged followers and who has provided a slightly different impact.  Perhaps the most important thing about @fenvirantiviral is the fact the followers retweet @fenvirantiviral A LOT.  For example, retweets by @fenvirantiviral have themselves been retweeted about 130 – 160 times.  Like  @KavalonThatsMe, @fenvirantiviral has increased the number of #BrainTumorThursday retweets.  This translates to higher numbers of participants and tweets.

So the takeaway from the analysis of these two fabulous supporters is to recruit people with similar profiles.  Of course, this is far easier to say that it is to accomplish.  Still, we should keep an eye out for supporters like these.

This strategy is certainly not a substitute for the many other effective ways we try to increase awareness, such as:

  • Delivering high quality content that is inherently “retweetable.”
  • Remaining empathetic to all who are impacted by brain tumors.
  • Working hard to make #BrainTumorThursday and #BTSM the go to places on Twitter for those who are impacted by brain tumors.
  • Regardless of the number of followers or frequency of tweets and retweets, engage other participants in #BrainTumorThursday; in other words, build relationships.
  • Directly seek retweets from influential people on Twitter, particularly those who have been impacted by brain tumors, via public tweet or direct message,
  • Look for and engage people who are watched by others and deliver retweets without ever responding to the tweet to them.  These are people who are followed by others who will retweet just about any tweet containing their name.

There are so many other effective strategies to increase brain tumor awareness on Twitter that I cannot possibly list them all.  My request to you, the reader of this post, is to include your own strategy tips in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Strategic thinking based upon recent successes for #BrainTumorThursday

  1. Please note that my focus on @KavalonThatsMe and @fenvirantiviral is certainly not meant to trivialize the amazing efforts of so many other participants in #BrainTumorThursday.thatare key to out brain tumor awareness efforts Each and every one of you are a superstar in your own right!

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