Third Thursday Campaign (September, 2013)

First, a huge shout out the many wonderful people who help with the #BrainTumorThursday campaign this week, some of whom are in the photo below (198 of 650).


Now, on to the amazing numbers for this week.

Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines): about 30.5 M+; Participants: about 650; and Tweets: about 1,640

To put this week in perspective, in just one week, we have exceeded the total impacts for the entire month in each of the following months: March, 2013, April, 2013, June, 2013, and July, 2013.  Although I have not researched it, the impacts this week have to be an all-time record.

Turning to last month, we had about 62,000,000 impacts.  This month, with one more campaign left, we already have about 67,000,000 impacts!  After last week’s campaign, I raised the possibility of getting 100,000,000 impacts in one month.  I was thinking that it would happen in the more distant future: I never imagined that we would flirt with 100M impacts this month.  If next week comes in slightly better than this week (33M), we will have reached that goal!

While these numbers are impressive, they are not the true goal of #BrainTumorThursday which is to support and comfort brain tumor patients and their families, educate people about brain tumors, encourage more funding for brain tumor research, and, hopefully, prolong lives.  While the impact numbers are amazing, they are just the vehicle for the true mission.  The number of impacts brings with it an awesome responsibility: with so many being expose to our messages we need to make certain that our tweets convey strong content that is information, thought provoking, eye opening, empathic, and supportive.

Keep doing whatever you are doing and let’s keep this project growing!


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