First #BrainTumorThursday Campaign in Oct, 2013.

September’s strong weekly brain tumor awareness campaigns have translated into strong numbers for the first week of October.  The numbers: Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines): about 24.5 M+; Participants: about 900; and Tweets: about 2,050.*  The first and most obvious conclusion is that, if the next 3 campaigns for the month run at slightly higher numbers, impacts for the month should reach 100,000,000 for the second month in a row.

Now, its time to recognize some of the key people that make this possible.  My opinion is that these valuable participants fall into several categories: 1) people contributing large numbers of tweets; 2) people with large numbers of followers; 3) people who leverage their followers with the tweets they make to create large numbers of impacts; and 4) people who are able to obtain large numbers of retweets.  What follows is based on the last 5 weeks of activity.

Category 1 (from application resources):

Category 2 (from application resources) :

Category 3 (from application resources):

Category 4 (purely based on observation)

* Why are all totals approximate?  The problem lies in the Twitter feed to third party apps.  There are gaps in the feed so the numbers reported by third party apps are typically low.  An example from this week’s campaign is that one participant, @christianaligo, who has 1,265,392 followers, does not show up in the numbers reported by third party apps .


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