Continuing the #SuperJosh/Ben Affleck campaign

A couple of weeks into the the campaign to get Ben Affleck (Bat Man) to meet real life superhero #SuperJosh (@journeyjoshuas) continues with an impressive number of tweets and retweets.  As of this writing, there has been no response from Mr. Affleck.

Since the public nature of a Twitter campaign hides nothing, #SuperJosh knows what is happening.  This has led to an unexpected consequence:  #SuperJosh will be disappointed if the meeting does not take place.  In facts, he tweeted: “I don’t think Batman Ben wants to meet me after all” last week.  So there now exists the problem that #SuperJosh could wind up despondent if there is no response from Mr. Affleck.

Quite clearly, this vaults all who are inspired by Josh to a new level, where there is much work to be done.  Here are some suggestions on what needs to happen:

  1. Continue the twitter campaign.  There are so many stories about twitter influencing a star, this needs to be the next one.  Please continue to retweet tweets, like the one above and create fresh tweets.  All such tweets and retweets need to include #SuperJosh and @BenAffleck and include an appeal for the meeting.
  2. Expand the twitter campaign.  Think beyond tweets to @BenAffleck.  What other celebrities, etc., may be able to influence him.  Perhaps the director, producers, sponsors, etc., after all, I’m sure there is a PR angle.  Perhaps costars in current or past movies.  Perhaps, publicists, managers (agents) or companies for whom Mr. Affleck is a sponsor.  Get creative.
  3. Press.   Getting exposure via press is another option.  This kind of human interest story would make an attractive article.  Printed press and online news are both worth targeting.  Any contacts, whether publisher, editor, or reporter should be explored.
  4. Expand to a full social media campaign.  Facebook, Google+, Pintrest and others could all help get the word out. c

If you have other ideas, please post them below.

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