Third #BrainTumorThursday campaign in October

The third #BrainTumorThursday campaign in October was again stellar. The numbers  for this week: Impacts (deliveries to people’s timelines): about 52 M+; Participants: about 1,100; and Tweets: about 2,300.  This brings the three week total to: Impacts of about 123.5 M+; Participants numbering about 3,250; and about 4,450.tweets.  Needless to to say, the #BrainTumorThursday twitter campaign for October is set to smash through the current monthly record.  Through just three weeks the October campaign has already exceeded every tracked category.

A few notes about the statistics listed above:

  1. All the totals are listed as approximate due to problems with the feed from Twitter to third party apps.  There are gaps in the feed.  Sometimes there is an hour or two gap in the feed and sometimes accounts with high follower counts are omitted.  Thus, the numbers reported by all third party apps are typically low.
  2. With respect to the total number of participants over two or more campaigns, there is no reliable way that I know of to delete duplication.  In other words, @melee_me tweets in every weekly campaign, but included in the participate number for each campaign.  This means that she is included twice in the cumulative totals over the first two campaigns.
  3. With respect to impacts, it should be understood that the figures do not indicate unique impacts on unique timeli.  An example is that if I tweet something and @melee_me retweets it, and we have a common follower, the tweet will show up in that follower’s timeline twice but two impacts for the same tweet will be recorded.  How to interpret this is beyond me and it may make no real difference at all so long as the message is getting out there.  However, it could be the case that we may not have a true measure of the success of the campaigns over time.  Neverthelss, the week over week, month over month increases do carry meaning and are significant.

Finally, there are so many people to thank for this weeks effort, they cannot possibly all be listed.  However, around 20% are shown below.



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