Roar Back

About two weeks ago I posted Teenager with Brain Cancer “Roars” about Olivia Wise, a teenager battling brain cancer, who came into a recording studio for her first time and recorded the Katy Perry song Roar even though couldn’t walk or stand.  Now Katy Perry has recorded a video message.

In her message, Katy tells Olivia that she was moved by the video and thought it sounded great and that she was sending love and light.  She also encourages Olivia to “keep roaring.”  What a wonderful response to Olivia’s recording!

Katy’s response is important on several different levels.  It establishes a bond between Katy and Olivia and had to thrill Olivia.  It takes brain tumor awareness to a new level; involvement of celebrities, no matter how fleeting, moves mountains in increasing brain tumor awareness.  It shows the sweet, caring side of a big time musical artist.

I for one applaud Katy Perry’s gesture and hope that she does more, both for Olivia and for brain tumor awareness.


4 thoughts on “Roar Back

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