October Wrap up, Looking to November

It is hard to believe that the use of the #BrainTumorThursday hashtag more than doubled from September to October.  Actually, it more than doubled from September even without the benefit of the fifth Thursday.  That’s right, excluding the fifth Thursday figures, impacts still moved from about 103M to about 224M.  Once you consider the entire month, the success is downright amazing, thanks to so many great and consistent supporters of brain tumor awareness.

Now, on to the numbers for October.

Impacts (Deliveries to people’s timelines):about 275M (103M in September)

Participants: about 7,500 (3,500 in September);

Tweets: about 16,500 (9,000 in September)

So, just one month after being stunned with having over 100 MILLION time line deliveries in September, we hit an amazing 270 MILLION time line deliveries!

To be sure, this high number is partially driven by the 5 Thursdays, but November should be marked by another strong effort.  Here’s why: the average number of impacts over from the 5 Thursday that we have from October is over 43M.  Spread that over the four Thursdays in November, you wind up with 172M.  Of course, it’s appropriate to trim about 20M as the impact for Thanksgiving keeping people away from Twitter, taking it down to about 150M from the four Thursdays in November.

In addition to the caveats that you see on every weekly summary that I do (just take a looks at any recent post I’ve done), I have one more observation to make.  Numbers at the end of the month will always always higher than the combination of the numbers for each weekly campaign.  This is a result of the fact that #BrainTumorThursday tweets continue throughout the week and those tweets are captured when the month is taken as a whole.  Just consider tham as bonuses for brain tumor awareness!


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