Be Thankful in All Circumstances


For people with brain tumors, the idea of being thankful even though they have a brain tumor may certainly seem foreign.  I am certainly not the man with all the answers, but I do think the attitude is worth considering, if not following.  The little saying in the photo is perhaps one way to move to a thankful attitude.  Now, I do understand that there will be some in the brain tumor community who cannot imagine any set of circumstance that could be worse, and I, in no way, have any intention of offending you.

So, why do I like this statement and the idea of being thankful in all circumstances?  For me, one of the “side effects” of having a brain tumor is that it is far too easy to become self-absorbed.  After all, you take note of just about anything, from a headache to a stumble to a forgotten word.  The cost of this is (and my case has been) a certain level of withdrawal from friends and family; becoming distant and not fully engaged.  Of course, faltering relationships adds to an already stressful situation.

Will attempting to achieve a thankful attitude may present a challenge that you cannot meet, it will help turn your focus outward for a period of time.  In other words, when you begin contemplating the people who would be willing to trade spots with you, your focus, by necessity shifts outward instead of inward.  Give it a try.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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