Sheryl Crow and Brain Tumor Surgery- Part 1

Last week, I went off on Sheryl Crow on Twitter with this tweet:

Beauty over Brains? Sheryl Crow doesn’t want her brain tumor removed because of scar.

This tweet was the result of a headline that caught my eye: Sheryl Crow: ”I have a brain tumour – but I don’t want it removed. That article included the following quote:

“I monitor it by getting MRI scans every six months to see if it’s growing at all. If it does then I can have radiation, although I don’t want to do that. I don’t really want to have it removed, either, because that would mean a craniotomy, which would mean another big scar.”

The way I interpreted that statement was that vanity was winning out over a a compelling medical case for the removal of a tumor.  To base such an important medical decision on the nature of the scar left behind struck me as reckless and absurd.  Moreover, given my passion for increasing brain tumor awareness, this seemed to be terribly misleading in light of the visibility enjoyed by Sheryl Crow.  I resolved to go into much greater detail than allowed by 140 characters on Twitter.

Next week is here and I now believe that my reaction last week was largely unwarranted. The first reason is that the only source that I could find for this story was the Daily Mirror, a TABLOID.  I have always doubted the credibility of tabloids and, when I realized that I was basing my tweet and my concerns on the reporting of a tabloid, I immediately felt like I was on shaky ground.  However, knowing that a careful read of the Daily Mirror might reveal the truth behind the sensationalism.

While I don’t have the time at the moment to explain the details, I am pretty sure that I owe Sheryl Crow an apology (assuming that anything I say would matter to her at all.  I will provide that detail in a subsequent post (Part 2)



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