Dogwood Blossoms, Easter, and Symbolism


One of my favorite flowers blooming around Easter is the blossoms found on the Dogwood trees that grow nearby.  Why?  If you will briefly study the flower with me, you will see 5 things that remind me of Christ’s sacrifice for us that is celebrated at Easter.

1.  Like all flowers, as they explode from dormant, seemingly dead trees, the blossoms represent life after death.

2.  The four petals form the shape of a cross on which Jesus was crucified.

3.  If you look closely, you’ll see a touch of red/brown, which is reminiscent of the blood Christ shed for us.

4.  The center of the blossom reminds us of the crown of thorns that was forced on the head of our Lord.

5.  The white of the flower reminds us of the purity of the Son of God.

Isn’t it amazing that nature provides us with reminders of who God is?  All we have to do is slow down to look and listen.





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