Magic formula for a brain tumor awareness tweet?

As many know, I have been trying to raise awareness now for quite some time.  Somehow this week I created what has turned out to be an explosive tweet.  In was tweeted under the hashtag #BTSM and, as of the writing of this post, it had 1,715 retweets and counting. And those are just the retweets captured by Twitter and reported beneath the tweet, i.e, those retweets where the retweet button was used. I have not even attempted to capture any stats related to other forms in which the tweet has been spread around twitter.

The only thing that makes sense is that the photo was, in and of itself, compelling, but I never expected it to garner so much attention.  In any event, the fact that at least 1715 people has engaged with a tweet is both mind numbing and fantastic.  Perhaps this is when real change begins!

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The tweet itself can be found here.


Survey: Medical Marijuana as a Brain Tumor Treatment: early results

I thought that it would be interesting to see the early trends with the survey

What is your relationship to someone with a brain tumor?

I have now or have had a brain tumor. 66.67% (10)
A close family member now has or has had a brain tumor. 13.33% (2)
A friend now has or has had a brain tumor. 13.33% (2)
A friend or loved one passed away from a brain tumor. 6.67% (1)
I am a member of the medical community. 0.00% (0)
I am a caregiver 20.00% (3)
No relationship, I’m an advocate or just interested. 0.00% (0)
Total Respondents: 15

Note:  a participant may check more than one answer, which is why there are more answers than participants.  The percentage are calculated as the percentage of answers to the total number of respondents.  Thus 10 out of 15 answered that they have a brain tumor which yields 66.67%

Are you likely to support the legalization of marijuana in your community as a treatment for brain tumors?

Yes. In any form subject only to a requirement of a prescription from a physician. 60.00% (9)
Yes, but only in certain forms like cannabis oil and subject to a requirement of a prescription from a physician. 26.67% (4)
No. More research is needed. 6.67% (1)
No. Not under any circumstances 6.67% (1)
Total 15

 Take the Survey

A survey about medical marijuana and brain tumors #BrainTumorThursday

I’ve read a lot about the possibility that marijuana can be used to treat brain tumors, so I thought that I would survey the brain tumor community using social media.  I have no idea whether I have designed correctly, asked the right questions, or enough questions for it to be relevant, but it should prove interesting any way.  At some point, I’ll pass along the results.

Take the survey

Let’s see what happens

#BrainTumorThursday Awareness Campaign for March 2014 and Q1 2014


It is exciting to discuss the brain tumor awareness campaign results for March 2014 because they anchor an effective first quarter of 2014.  We amassed around 10,500 tweets from nearly 6,000 participants, yielding approximately 97,000,000 time line deliveries.  The March numbers were influenced by a solid performance in the campaign last week.

Overall, for the first three months of the 2014 brain tumor awareness campaign, over 63,500 tweets from nearly 49,000 participants produced over 390,000,000 time line deliveries.  WOW.

There is one number reflected in the quarterly that I find suspicious: 49,000 participants.  It just seems to be too high.  In the past, I would not have worried much about the participant number; I was just focused on the time line deliveries.  However, I have recently become convinced that the number of participants is at least as important as time line deliveries, if not more so.  The bottom line is that thousands of people are tweeting and/or retweeting about awareness and touching time lines hundreds of millions of times.  We can help but increase awareness at these levels.

My last observation is that we are on track for over a billion time line deliveries in 2014.  That to me is a stunning and exciting fact.

#BrainTumorThursday through February 14, 2014

February 14 is the halfway point for the month, so it makes sense for us to take a look at where we are. Over 44M deliveries of the hashtag to people’s feeds, nearly 3,800 tweets and about 2,000 Participants.

So far, February is lagging behind January.  To be fair, January did have 5 Thursdays.  Still, there is untapped potential for February.  Let’s “take it to the streets” this week!

Big contributors in the first half of February include:

#BrainTumorThursday: Second campaign in February

Shame on me.  I never got around to reporting the totals for last week.

Week 1: Around 23.5M Impressions; nearly 1450 tweets; and roughly 850 participants.

And now for this week.

Week 2:  About 13M Impressions; over 1550 tweets and around 800 participants.

For this week, I think we were probably impacted by the winter storm on the east coast of the United States. Nevertheless, the totals seem to be off.  I’ll delve in deeper when I am able to look at the first half of February.