Survey: Medical Marijuana as a Brain Tumor Treatment: early results

I thought that it would be interesting to see the early trends with the survey

What is your relationship to someone with a brain tumor?

I have now or have had a brain tumor. 66.67% (10)
A close family member now has or has had a brain tumor. 13.33% (2)
A friend now has or has had a brain tumor. 13.33% (2)
A friend or loved one passed away from a brain tumor. 6.67% (1)
I am a member of the medical community. 0.00% (0)
I am a caregiver 20.00% (3)
No relationship, I’m an advocate or just interested. 0.00% (0)
Total Respondents: 15

Note:  a participant may check more than one answer, which is why there are more answers than participants.  The percentage are calculated as the percentage of answers to the total number of respondents.  Thus 10 out of 15 answered that they have a brain tumor which yields 66.67%

Are you likely to support the legalization of marijuana in your community as a treatment for brain tumors?

Yes. In any form subject only to a requirement of a prescription from a physician. 60.00% (9)
Yes, but only in certain forms like cannabis oil and subject to a requirement of a prescription from a physician. 26.67% (4)
No. More research is needed. 6.67% (1)
No. Not under any circumstances 6.67% (1)
Total 15

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A survey about medical marijuana and brain tumors #BrainTumorThursday

I’ve read a lot about the possibility that marijuana can be used to treat brain tumors, so I thought that I would survey the brain tumor community using social media.  I have no idea whether I have designed correctly, asked the right questions, or enough questions for it to be relevant, but it should prove interesting any way.  At some point, I’ll pass along the results.

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Let’s see what happens